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10 Hair Growing daylapses

Only boys. It’s very difficult to find Hair-Growth-Timelapses made by girls. There’s almost none in the wide fields of the Internet. It’s sad, but understandable. But, men… Why are you so narcissistic? Or…? 01....


10 Beard daylapses

Watch 10 great beard growth daylapse videos a.k.a. beard-lapses. 01. Year of the Beard 2010 One full year time lapse of author’s beard, one picture every day. Video by: krwdserfur   02. Beardvolution Timelapse...


10 Face-daylapses – II (Women’s Edition)

  Women’s everyday selfies projects are found not so often as men’s ones. Well… we think that we know what women like to picture instead. (A little hint – the part #3 of face-lapses...


Hair Growth Experiment

This is the first part of the short film “Hairlady”. Hairlady began as a time-lapse photography experiment. First the subject’s head and face were shaved. As hair growth proceeded, two identical digital photos were...