10 Pregnancy daylapses

This is what women really like to picture everyday. Their bellies!
Watch 10 great wonders – 10 pregnancy timelapses.

01. Pregnant Belly Growings

269 days of pregnancy in 45 seconds!

Video by: Sheryn Binks

02. Cash Evan Deal

Author speaks: “Time lapse of my wife as she carried our son followed by some clips of his first week on the planet.”

Video by: derek deal

03. From Bump to Buzz

Author speaks: “We took photos every day through the 9 months of our pregnancy, this is the result (plus a little song I wrote called “Something New”).”

Video by: Tom Fletcher

04. Pregnancy Time Lapse Transformation!

Video by: AprilJustinTV

05. 9 Months in 25 Seconds

Epic pregnancy timelapse – stop motion animation. Author took a picture each day for 9 month pregnancy.

Video by: Andreea A

06. Welcome to Earth, Scout

Timelapse of the making of the worlds newest wanderer… He lived and traveled for months in France, Italy, Monaco, Poland, and the United States all before he was born… All part of the deal when joining the Wandering Far family.

Video by: Wandering Far

07. Victoria, Jason, and Ari

Author speaks: “When Victoria got pregnant, we decided to take a photo of her every day until the baby was born. This is our photo-a-day project, and includes 220+ photos taken of Victoria throughout her pregnancy. I took each day’s photo without a tripod and without any sort of guide to line up the photos. Given this, I’m really proud of how well all of the photos line up with each other!”

Video by: Jason Hurwitz

08. Pregnancy Time Lapse

Author speaks: “These photos were taken every day but a few during the pregnancy of my sister in law.”

Video by: eckstea

09. Time Lapse: Pregnant to Baby in 90 seconds. Photo a day.

Author speaks: “When I found out my wife was pregnant, I thought it would be a great opportunity to capture her growth via photography, but what I really started to notice was how things started to change around me.
The baby is here and we are ready to share our video with the world. Hope you enjoy it! We had a lot of fun making it.
The last 9 months went by so fast. I hope this kid takes his time growing up.”

Video by: TheDunderBoy

10. Another Pregnancy Time Lapse

Terri and Katie Jean through their 39 week journey.

Video by: Nat Carmichael

You can make your own one-picture-a-day photo-project: LEARN HOW.

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