10 Hair Growing daylapses

Only boys. It’s very difficult to find Hair-Growth-Timelapses made by girls.
There’s almost none in the wide fields of the Internet.
It’s sad, but understandable.
But, men… Why are you so narcissistic? Or…?

01. Picture A Day

Author speaks: “Starting January 1, 2011, I shaved my head and did not cut it again until the year was over. Each day, I photographed myself in the same position to observe my hair growing. At the end of the project, my progression was shown through a short time lapse video.”

Video by: Neil Savage

02. Another Picture A Day (1 Year)

Video by: Joemotion

03. Five Years

Author speaks: “I’ve been taking a photo of myself since the 11th of June 2011. This is a five years time lapse (11/6/11 – 11/6/16) of 1827 photos showing my face getting hairier and hairier. ”

Video by: AndreasSheiLT

04. 1 Year / Growing Hair and Dreadlocks

Author speaks: “On 01.02.2012 I started taking a photo of myself everyday.
Since I have been on holiday and forgot it sometimes, there are only 252 photos, but that was enough to put it together to this 1 Year Timelapse.”

Video by: Johnny

05. Ben Parmar

Video by: Ben Parmar

06. 18 Month Hair and Beard Growth

Author speaks: “I took a picture every day from January 4th, 2012 – July 4th, 2013. Here is the resulting 18 month hair and beard growth time lapse.”

Video by: Calvin Hoag

07. Hair Growth in a Year

Video by: JonandSamTV

08. One Year

Author speaks: “In 2010 I took a picture everyday (more or less) to track my hair growth. I keep going back and forth on whether i should cut it or not, so I thought I’d ask everyone what they think.”

Video by: Mike Chinn

09. Another One Year

Video by: estevaolibardi

10. Another Another Picture a Day (1 Year)

Author speaks: “Back in the summer of 2013, Aaron shaved all his hair off his head in attempts to try and take a photo every day for a year, measuring how long it got. This is how he did…”

Video by: TimorGames


11. Grass Head Wheatgrass Hair Grow

To grow Grasshead Wheatgrass has a special meaning. Growing a grass head wheat-grass in your home has the meaning of bringing wealth and fortune. Funny video with Grass Head Wheat-grass Trio Family caught in action with a hair growing time lapse.

Video by: Gabriel GARAIS

You can make your own pic-a-day timelapse. Hairy or whatever… LEARN HOW.

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