10 great daylapse videos (vol.1)

This is the first part of our “Top 10” compilation.
Best daylapses – one-picture-per-day timelapse projects.

1. Puppy to Adult in 40 seconds

A photo a day of Dunder the German shepherd. 8 weeks old to 1 year in 40 seconds. It really does feel like he grew up this fast.

Video by: TheDunderBoy

2. Dragon Tree Time-Lapse

Roughly 4 months of growth at 1 frame per day. We don’t know why the sprout on the left decided to give up. Perhaps its two neighbours got the upper hand and starved it of resources?

Video by: Nigel White

3. Portrait of Lotte (0 to 16 years in 4 ½ min.)

You are witness to one of the most mysterious, profound processes of human life – aging, the process of becoming older and growing up – accelerated into 4 ½ minutes.
Dutch artist Frans Hofmeester has filmed his now teenage daughter’s portrait for 15 seconds every week from the day she was born.
The new edit 0 to 18 years will be published in november 2017!

Video by: Hofmeester

4. Exit Glacier

Witness the movement and melting of Exit Glacier in this timelapse sequence. It features one image per day from July 14 through September 19, 2010. The background has been stabilized from a single frame, so all that you see change is the glacier. The two month sequence repeats 10 times in this version.

Video by: Kenai Fjords NPS

5. Construction Timelapse

The author tried to make a time-lapse movie of some buildings next to his house.
He took 1 image from every day. Unfortunately he couldn’t finish it until the end, since he moved out of this house.

Video by: Jorg Bosman

6. Braces – Before and After Transformation

Author was 27 when he began braces treatment – orthodontics – for crowding on both upper and lower teeth. He used the Damon system and was originally given a treatment time of between 12 and 18 months (final debanding occured after 14 months). He searched Youtube for Before and After video’s, stumbled upon about a thousand video diaries but very few “complete transformation” videos. So he decided to make his own video.

Video by: VJ4rawr2

7. Pregnancy time-lapse

Video by: Armands Alps

8. 5 Years Of Beckie’s Life (14 to 21 years in 4 minutes)

Becca attempts to take a photo of herself everyday for 7 years.
Project covers 2 374 days and consists of roughly 2 100 photos.

Video by: Beckie Jane Brown

9. Cooper Union Academic Building Time Lapse Construction

This is two and a half years of construction at about 4 frames per day up until May 24, 2009. The new Cooper Union Academic located in Cooper Square in the East Village of Manhattan is a LEED platinum certified “green” building.

Video by: fatboyslimisgod

10. Hair Growth Experiment

This is the first part of the short film “Hairlady”.
It began as a time-lapse photography experiment. First the subject’s head and face were shaved. As hair growth proceeded, two identical digital photos were shot per day (approximately 12 hours apart) for 4 months, the subject becoming rather hairy.

Video by: David Birdsell

You can make your own pic-a-day video project: LEARN HOW.

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