10 Face-daylapses – III (Children’s Edition)

And after 9 months… here they come!!!
Watch 10 best children daylapses.

01. A Selfie Everyday For 2 Years

Author speaks: “I took a selfie everyday for 2 years. From ages 14 to 16 years old.
About 4 years ago I saw a video called ‘noah takes a photo of himself everyday’ and I thought it would be a cool thing to do. So about 2 years later I finally started taking a selfie a day, and will continue to do this as long as I can.”

Video by: AndrewProductionsTV

02. Natalie: Birth to 10 years old in 1 minute 25 sec

Author speaks: “We take a photo every day (at least we tried to!) since birth until the present.”

Video by: JAMagicFilms

03. 21 Years

Video by: cloddyclips

04. 3 years – lip sync everyday

Author speaks: “A 1101 day picture everyday project I’ve worked on from 01/01/2011 – 05/01/2014.”

Video by: Matt Perren

05. Daily Photo of Parker: 1 month – 2 years

Author speaks: “Daily photo time lapse for 2 years. I started this daily photo project when my son, Parker was 1 month. We made it a routine to take a picture every night before he goes to bed. 730 photos and counting.”

Video by: Coby Harvey

06. A Photo Everyday for a Year

366 days in photos played sequentially 10 FPS (ten frames per second).
START: June 3 2014 => FINISH: June 3 2015
Author speaks: “From the start I was an 8th grader graduating middle school.”

Video by: JasonBumblebee

07. 4 years in 2 minutes

1460 photos in 2 minutes (12 FPS).

Video by: Michael Gloger’s Channel

08. Picture of My Son Ray Every Day for 4 Years

Author speaks: “This is my Picture Every Day Project for my son Ray. He’s the sweetest kid, love him so much. He still thinks it’s completely normal that I take his picture every day, doesn’t even question it, ha. There will possibly be a day when he figures out that doing this isn’t the law of every household.”

Video by: dumo

09. Hugo Takes a Selfie | 8.5+ Years

Author speaks: “WATCH IN HD!!! I’m so excited to finally show all of you what I’ve been working on. I finally stabilized all my selfies and centered my eyes in every picture. I’ve had to edit, align and re-touch every single photo ONE-by-ONE. It took me about a minute per photo once I got the hang of it (and there are well over 2500 photos).
The project is now everything I want it to be. See y’all at the 10 year mark. 😉 This is an on-going project! I will never stop taking pics. Ever.”

Video by: Hugo Cornellier

10. I take a picture of myself every day for 6 years

Author speaks: “Here it is, 6 years worth of pictures of my handsome mug (and my sometimes not so handsome acne). I became inspired to start my own video project after seeing Noah Kalina’s ‘everyday’ video which had taken him 6 years to make. At the time six years seemed like an intimidatingly long amount of time, but now I’ve taken pictures for precisely that long.”

Video by: Charuze

You can make your own Picture Every Day Project: LEARN HOW.

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