10 Body Transformation daylapses

Men, men, men again. Women, where are you? Where are yours pic-a-day lapses?!
Well… So be it. Men’s only body-building edition.
Warning! If you’re fat, some of the following videos may be inspiring! 😉

01. 84 Days in 48 Seconds: Weight Loss

Video by: Adam Waters

02. 105 Days of Bodybuilding

Author speaks: ” shows almost daily progress over 105 days of weight lifting via time lapse. And my video was shown on the BBC world news! They did a show on time lapse photography, and I took up a whole ten seconds! I guess I’m famous now :-)”

Video by: Houseislife

03. 60 Days INSANITY, Workout Results Beachbody

Author speaks: “This is my 60 days of insanity workout results. I took a photo every day of my workout. A PRE workout photo, and a POST workout photo. I sure hope this inspires others. Good luck.”

Video by: Gene Berger

04. Insane Vegetarian Body Transformation – 6 Months in 1 Minute

Author speaks: “One of the most common questions vegetarians face is “where do you get your protein, bro?”. I wanted to show that there is an abundance of protein in a vegetarian diet. I would have become vegetarian much sooner if I knew this, and it is my mission to help others realise that meat is not at all necessary for putting on muscle.”

Video by: TJ Waterfall

05. 12 Month Bodybuilding

Author speaks: “We’re all gonna make it, brah. This video is part of a self-improvement project I started back in early 2012. Starting weight: 118 lbs (54 kg). Ending Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg). Some memorable quotes that pulled me through it: “You have the body of a twelve year old asian girl”, “Go lift a two pound weight, fag”, “Ha! you must have like no life”.

Video by: nrobinson74

06. 365 Days of Exercise

If video is not playing, try enter Full Screen Mode.

Video by: Roman German

07. Fitness: 145 Days

Sergei Boutenko took pictures of his body while training everyday for 145 days in order to create a fitness time-lapse. In this 48 second video you will witness: weight loss, fat burning, muscle building, six pack formation, and beard growth.

Video by: BoutenkoFilms

08. How I changed My life: 4 Months Body Transformation

Video by: Umberto Ciprì

09. Another Body Transformation

Author speaks: “This is a time lapse of my body transformation spanning from Jan 1st 2015 to Sep 4th 2015. I took pictures every morning fresh out of bed before breakfast and I intend to keep doing so for years to come unless I get too bored of it.”

Video by: Daniel Lindholm

10. Photo a Day for 90 Days – 30 kg Weight Loss

Author speaks: “Back in the summer of 2013, Aaron shaved all his hair off his head in attempts to try and take a photo every day for a year, measuring how long it got. This is how he did…”

Video by: oxidesigns


11. Fitness: 145 Days (Extended Version)

Video by: BoutenkoFilms

You can make your own time-lapse project: LEARN HOW.

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